about sweet nothings

Sometimes, your significant other isn't the person you're sleeping with...

Sweet Nothings is an anti-rom com web series that follows the friendship of two girls, Mel and erin. Together, they navigate the messy, mercurial world of casual sex and dating, while relying on each other for everything else.


about us


Taylor Mallory - Writer

Taylor is a Princeton graduate and self-diagnosed TV addict. She currently works in the writers’ room of the urban fantasy series Shadowhunters (Freeform).


Alissa Goldberg - Director

Alissa graduated from Wesleyan University. She currently works as an assistant to a feature film director.


Matthew Marder - Producer

Matthew moved to L.A. to study at AFI after graduating from Princeton. Currently, he is an independent writer and producer - the most lucrative career in the world.